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InaSAFE 71833

DMInnovation provide (amongst other things) in-country support to Indonesia in the area of Disaster Planning and risk management. They contracted Kartoza to co-develop the InaSAFE tool, which is a plugin for QGIS. T



An interactive, cloud-based platform for storing, visualising and comparing all types of geographic and IoT agricultural data

Map Campaigner

A web application for the planning and monitoring of OpenStreetMap field mapping campaigns



Building a free, curated, canonical source of healthcare location data

Freshwater Biodiversity Information Management System (BIMS)


Limpopo BIMS

InaSAFE Disaster Scenario Contingency Planning software

DFAT 61886 InaSAFE

We built the preliminary version of the InaSAFE QGIS plugin, created much of the current project infrastructure such as the web site, documentation system etc.

InaSAFE DFAT 73177

The InaSAFE plugin is used to perform scenario assessments in the case of a disaster such as a flood, fire, volcano, tsunami, earthquake etc